A Natural Hydrocarbon
Absorbent for Professionals

NATURESORB™ is a revolutionary oil and hydrocarbon absorbent made from premium Canadian sphagnum peat moss. The raw material we harvest is dehydrated through a unique proprietary steam process, which gives it inimitable absorption capacities. When the peat is processed and water is removed from these cells, the peat becomes activated. Once activated the peat has a high capacity to absorb hydrocarbons (crude oil, gasoline, petroleum) into the empty cells. NATURESORB™ absorbs oils and other hydrocarbons through a wicking or sponging action that draws the hydrocarbons into the cells and encapsulates the them definitively.


  • Non abrasive. Factor of 1 on the Mohs hardness scale.
  • 100% organic, approved in biologic production (MIB)
  • Hydrophobic and oleophilic
  • Hydrocarbons don’t leach out
  • Ultra light weight which reduces disposal costs
  • Unlimited shelf life when kept dry

Main users

  • Off-shore oil and drilling companies
  • Spill-response contractors
  • Airports and Fire departments
  • Gas Stations
  • Ports, harbors and Marinas
  • Truck fleet
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Hydrophobic et oleophilic

Because it has been adequately dehydrated through our proprietary drying process, peat-based NATURESORB™ absorbent not only develops an affinity for hydrocarbons but also becomes highly hydrophobic. It can actually float for weeks. Hydrocarbons stick to the peat by surface tension of the water and are encapsulated into the unique NATURESORB™ cell structure. The hydrocarbons do not leach out or run off, they biodegrade, and are never released into the environment. NATURESORB™ works somewhat like a one-way valve system.

The Harvest

The raw material used in the composition of NATURESORB™ comes only from the upper parts of peat bogs where sphagnum is still fibrous. The peat moss is collected by suction during the summer and only the top dried surface is vacuumed then carried to our dryer where its moisture content is brought down to about 12 percent. Because it is very important to us that peatland management be done in an environmentally friendly way, when a peat bog seems reasonably harvested, a team is deployed to work on its restoration in order to bring it back to its natural habitat.

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