One of the countries where remediation projects are widely spread is positively Romania. Experienced professionals in this field have shared the recipe they use to obtain optimal results.

HOST: NATURESORB™ will encapsulate the hydrocarbon so it will not leach into the water table or migrate farther from the contaminated site. Once the hydrocarbon is inside the cell there is an immediate natural chemical reaction with the humic acid present in NATURESORB™. Humic Acid is nature’s own natural catalyst that assists in breaking down the hydrocarbon chain.

In order for the biodegradation process to begin there has to be four elements present:

OXYGEN: This is vital for the micro-organisms to become active and produce enzymes. 

WATER: Helps to bring the hydrocarbon to the surface through evaporation.

SOIL: This is necessary to re-introduce the micro-organisms that will aid in breaking down the hydrocarbons. They are the same as the organisms that were present in the crude oil before it was sterilised. The humic residue that is left in the cell structure acid then becomes an integral part of the biodegradation process, in simple terms, we are creating a biomass in the soil like a natural factory filled with bacteria and nutrients to speed up the natural biodegradation process.

HEAT: The warmer the climate, the faster the biodegradation process will occur as the microbes divide in numbers at a faster rate (experiential growth) in warmer conditions. There is also a certain amount of photosynthesis reaction from natural sunlight that reacts with the hydrocarbons.

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